Welcome to Tissue Culture Solutions

Welcome to Tissue Culture Solutions

Welcome to Tissue Culture SolutionsWelcome to Tissue Culture SolutionsWelcome to Tissue Culture Solutions

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 Hello! I’m Dr. Plamen Denchev, a senior consultant at Tissue Culture Solutions. I bring forty years of experience in academia and in commercial plant biotechnology companies. After many successful years in the business, now it is time to give back and to help others to become more successful. 


Our focus:

  • Design and construction of facilities for in vitro production of plants  as well as procurement of equipment, supplies and chemicals.
  •  Help companies performing successful research and development to apply in vitro protocols for multiplication and propagation of plants. 
  • Assess in vitro technology and facilitating scale-up pathways for mass production of plants and commercialization of the process.

Our Clients:

  • Biotechnology companies utilizing plant tissue culture as a platform for:
    • large-scale plant propagation 
    • implementation of  genetic improvements via gene introduction or manipulations
  • Plant tissue culture laboratories employing in vitro micropropagation for multiplication


Our experience:

With over 30 years’ experience in plant tissue culture and biotech industry, we are passionate to provide plant tissue culture solutions to businesses, organizations and individuals. We work to empower and outfit your team with the tools your firm needs to succeed. Contact us today to find about how we can support your growth, help you resolve your problems, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.